"I am from North Dakota and have hunted up here for over 50 years. I have seen some impressive migrations of snow geese, both spring and fall. Never in that span, have I seen the spectacle of the snow goose 'grinds' I saw with Dennis and Chris in the shadows of the Sutter Buttes.

Over the years, snow goose flocks have become enormous and almost impossible to decoy. With Dennis and Chris, and their precise calling abilities combined with Dave Smith and FA decoy spreads, you will witness the almost impossible... adult snow geese over your blind!

Whifflemaster is based on quality. Dennis and Chris are honest and do not create unrealistic expectations. They book only small groups so you can observe more closely the traditions and travels of snow and whitefront geese. As a collector of waterfowl across North America, I encourage all waterfowlers to experience Sacramento Valley goose hunting with Whifflemaster."

Mark Hadlich
July 2015

"Over the years, I have goose hunted in four Canadian Provinces and 12 states, including all four in the Pacific Flyway. Many of the areas where I have been lucky to gun have held large numbers of geese.

But, it wasn't until I hunted with Wifflemaster in the Sacramento Valley, that I saw spectacular flocks of snows and specks. And, guides Dennis and Chris Currier put me right under those immense flocks.

I'm currently hunting eiders in New England and after they are in the collection, I'll head back to California. Once there, I will sit in a Wifflemaster blind with Dennis and Chris calling on both sides, and the snows and specks are sure to be 'whiffling' down right in front of me!"

Robin Hadlich

"I have goose hunted with Whifflemaster several times over the past two seasons. Will have to say that Chris is a little better caller then Dennis, just kidding, they are both excellent and really know how to work the birds in.

Large spread of high quality decoys are always set up and located in the right spot. I would and do recommend them to anyone wanting a great goose hunt in California. Looking forward to the increase in the goose limit this season in California and some great hunts with Whifflemaster."

Danny B
Klamath Falls, Oregon

"I've been hunting with Dennis Currier and his son, Chris, since January 2006. These guys are incredible.

Nobody works harder than these guys in providing quality hunts for their customers. They bend over backwards to allow every possible opportunity for shooting lots of birds. They are honest (sometimes to a fault) and because of their honesty and dedication, they enjoy a tremendous following of repeat customers.

I guess that pretty much says it all - repeat customers. Year after year...like me!"

Jay G
San Ramon, California

"Guide and taxidermist Dennis Currier has been creating waterfowl memories in the field and in the home through lifelike mounted bird and game creations, and guided waterfowl hunts for decades. Now his son, Chris Currier, has stepped up and into his hunting boots, and is guiding some great duck and goose hunts!

I was NOT having a great season last year until I was invited to go along with Chris one day mid-season, and I shot about as many birds in that one day as I had all season to date.

We began in a dry field across from Delevan Refuge, and I had a hard time distinguishing the live, feeding goose flocks from the huge and elaborate spread that Chris had laid out - and the geese had the same problem. We had a great shoot on specks and snows that morning, and after a great lunch, we headed out into some private ponds for a fabulous duck hunt.

The wind had come up, and the birds were flying. Best, of course, was that there wasn't another hunter within hearing of us, and the ducks committed to our decoy spread as if they had just found their long-lost family members.

What Dennis Currier began so many years ago is now being recreated in the way of his son, Chris, and I would highly recommend booking a duck or goose hunt with this energetic and highly-skilled guide. You won't go wrong!"

Bill Karr
Editor - Western Outdoor News - NorCal

"Thank you for supporting California Waterfowl's Hunt Program. Our mission to expand hunter opportunity, recruit new hunters, and teach skills and behaviors that will help sustain hunting into the future would not be feasible without your dedication.

The numerous family and youth hunts you have donated and hosted have been a great addition to the Hunt Program. These hunts are essential to help fight the downward trend of hunting license sales. Your guide service has taken care of all the hunters who have attended and your staff has done a fantastic job.

Thank you again for providing your services to new and inexperienced hunters. Your support in providing memories to these hunters is unmatched. I greatly appreciate your efforts and hope to have your support continue for years to come."

Jeff Smith
Hunt Program Coordinator - California Waterfowl